Alopecia is one of the most unpredictable hair loss conditions out there. It can begin at any age and attacks both men and women alike. It’s an autoimmune condition which hits the hair follicles resulting in bald patches across the scalp. Some cases are more severe than others and hair can regrow over patches and move around the scalp.

Scalp Micropigmentation is incredibly effective on Alopecia working to camouflage and shade the zones where patching occurs. To treat your scalp, technician Amaury will implant natural pigments at the secondary dermis level providing permanent shading throughout. The results are that patches will become unnoticeable when they occur.

The beauty of Scalp Micropigmentation for Alopecia is it doesn’t damage hair follicles. This means that any topical treatments you may use in your fight against this unpredictable disorder can continue to work their magic.

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Your New Rejuvenated Look

Your New
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When Alopecia hits , sometimes it can hit hard. The psychological impact it can have on your life can be simply devastating. Of course, you are fully aware it can come as quickly as it goes, but it’s an unpredictable disorder which can take hold over your life. To rebuild your hairline, confidence and self-esteem you can contact Amaury at our Scalp Micro clinic.

Your initial step to hair loss freedom is by a no-obligation consultation. At Scalp Micro New Jersey, Amaury will guide you through your hair restoration journey. He’ll help you with hairline choices & pigment types, find a best-fit solution tailored to your own personal experience. His knowledge and expertise are vast and Amaury’s training in this ground-breaking treatment is from one of the industry’s leaders.

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