Hair loss can attack men at any age – yet it’s not just an attack on follicles, it also impacts the inner self. Men losing hair has been happening for generations and hits over half the population in the United States. This deems it far from a rare event. But let’s set that aside, because commonplace as hair loss may be, it still hurts.

Male alopecias is a vast subject matter with male pattern baldness being the most familiar. It’s a genetic and hormone-driven disorder and once it takes hold, there’s no going back. Finding a permanent answer to combatting hair thinning isn’t easy. And most of the classic & original solutions prove to be uncomfortable, expensive and invasive. So where do you go with it?

The answer is Scalp Micropigmentation. Also known as SMP it’s the instant solution to regaining your hairline along with your self-esteem. Treatments work using carefully selected pigments to implant tiny imitation follicles onto the scalp. Employing his razor-sharp eye for precision, technician Amaury Fernandez guarantees you’ll step out in style with a look equaling a freshly barbered buzz-cut.

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Your New Bespoke Hairline

Your New
Bespoke Hairline

Your hairline falls at the line of the eye of others & SMP is a permanent cosmetic treatment. Prior to treatment, your hair loss restoration journey begins with a consultation phase. We consider it a heart-to-heart to establish goals, discuss future hair loss and color changes. Chat about pigment shades and how you wish your hairline to appear when treatment is complete.

Scalp artistAmaury has spent 14 years as a master barber and received training under world-renowned SMP educator Chris Hererra. It’s with this wealth of knowledge and experienced eye he can guide you through your best-fit choice. Amaury understands hair lines & color, is at one with the evolution of hair loss. Your SMP finish is central to your future appearance, and at Scalp Micro New Jersey, getting it right first time is vital.

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