If you’ve received a hair transplant at some point, it’s pretty obvious you’ve been fighting the good fight against hair loss. But when the thinning just continues, devastation can really set in. Of course, now you’re faced with a new psychological battle. The scars from the invasive and expensive transplant are visible for the world to see.

Scalp Micropigmentation has now been placed on the world map as the ultimate scar camouflaging procedure. It’s the solution for regaining confidence levels and getting your life back on track. Using a fine microneedle to implant natural pigments onto the scar site, treatments are quick, instant, affordable and permanent.

Amaury is the proficient & experienced New Jersey technician who can treat your scar with acute precision. With a highly accredited skill set, he can verify the scar site and advise on preparational measures needed. Once treatment has been completed, your life without visible scarring can begin.

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Your New
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Scar concealment runs way beyond transplant scarring. Scalp Micropigmentation can work on scars resulting from burns, cuts, medical surgery and uneven pigment blemishes. Working to camouflage the site where there are discrepancies, it’s an innovative treatment that can improve your anxiety levels in a heartbeat.

Amaury’s Scalp Micropigmentation treatments for scar camouflaging purposes are groundbreaking. Working with razor-sharp precision natural pigments are implanted on the site, providing instant and results with a fully natural appearance. Consultations are without obligation at Scalp Micro New Jersey, & Amaury offers a keen ear to listen to your scar story whilst providing you with advice on restorative solutions.

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