Female Alopecia’s are a very real thing and hair loss weighs heavily on women when it begins to happen & becomes noticable. But it often gets pushed to the sidelines in conversation. Maybe it’s because male pattern baldness is more noticeable? Or maybe it’s too painful to talk about? Either way, the negative impact it can have on a woman’s life style and anxiety levels is deep and poignant.

When women experience female pattern baldness it takes a very different route to that of male thinning. In female pattern baldness it’s a general and overall dispersed process which can result in a noticeable widening of the hair line. The upside to the design of the loss is the main hair line remains in place, meaning SMP is an ideal restoration solution.

At Scalp Micro , our aim is to support women and their hair loss disorders. Owner and technician Amaury Fernandez has worked on hair lines for generations & his coaching and mentoring in Scalp Micropigmentation is from one of the world leaders in treatments. Administering SMP, section by section, Amaury can implant pigments throughout your hair resulting in harmonious shading between scalp and hair line.

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Your New Rejuvenated Hairline

Your New
Rejuvenated Hairline

One of the most commonly asked questions from women suffering with hair loss is will it damage the existing hair follicles? And the easy answer is a resounding no. Experiencing hair loss is bad enough – the intention is not to make matters worse. Scalp Micropigmentation works through the hair line section by section, implanting natural pigments to provide an underlying shade. Healthy and existing hair will continue to grow and it won’t affect any additional treatments being used to promote hair growth.

Side effects are minimal with Scalp Micropigmentation & results are extremely successful. Amaury at Scalp Micro is fully accredited and has been trained by the very finest. Your initial consultation is about hearing your questions and providing comprehensive answers from a professional and artistic view point.

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